French electronic composer/producer, involved in various projects such as Parqks, the Soundscape Collective... and also in music for cinema.

Kerity's music evokes surreal, ritualistic worlds, transcendence, whose tracks appear to float free from time and space. The ideas developed cover large thematics and emotional distances from the 80s to noisy music.

Kerity’s sonic universe was first offered on a self-produced demo EP « Twin Systems » in late 2012.  It was release to 250 ex., distributed and sold locally in the area of Limoges, France.

A split album was released in december 2012 with Mako Shopsotre (an electronic postrockish musician), limited to 100 hand-numbered copies and sold only after concerts. After played few dates during 2012 and 2013, Kerity made some collaborations with other band and artists (for french poet Jean Azarel), he's still gazing upon new tracks among other things such as fx pedals, synth, and too much cables ...

Since the release of "Twin Systems" last year, Kerity is back from his bedroom with a new single, annoucing working on the next album. Served by a richer production, Kerity develops new reliefs, pushing the downtempo and ambiant gaze into a louder and more electronic environment. This new single out in September 2013 will be the deepest sounding work to date and announces the best aural experience for the next EP...

All contents of this website reserved Ⓟ + © KERITY 2013. Background image licensed to Esmahan Özkan, used with kind permission.

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